Lets be honest – lots of businesses support local charities and it’s easy to be cynical as to why they do. People rightly or wrongly assume that it can boost sales or exposure, or simply create new networking platforms.

This year, in a last minute decision, DPA decided to attend Oswestry Show. The idea grew from manning a small stand with photographs, to having free drinks and cakes and then to competitions which could raise money until BANG! We had created a fun and engaging stand almost by accident. £105 was raised in aid the Derwen College, a specialist education provider in the local area which DPA have been proud to work with over the years. 5 of the 9 strong DPA team were there to support on the day and all agreed how enjoyable it was.  Yes, we met lots of local people and Yes – we may have also met a few potential clients! But on reflection, why did we enjoy it so much? Perhaps, it was because it was a fine sunny day and we were able to cheer people up with lots of free Pimms. Or does it run deeper than that?

Altruism, or giving something back, is apparently essential to our own happiness and for a sense of well being. When working long, long hours, which the team at DPA often do, it limits the time employees can go out and volunteer or fund raise. By attending this local show, it gave us an opportunity to give something back and have a sense of pride in doing so. According to the Mental Health Foundation, doing something that isn’t  directly to benefit ourselves can help to reduce stress and improve your mood. So, DPA are now looking forward to many more of these kind of events and hope that the whole team will enjoy them – as well as the charities we could support along the way. There are thousands of wise quotes about altruism and how unselfish acts can in turn help us,  but the simplest and sweetest of all is perhaps by Helen Keller – the American Activist and teacher who was the first deaf-blind person to gain a Bachelor of Arts degree – “We are never really happy until we try to brighten the lives of others”.

Of course, it was also lovely to be able to congratulate our winners of our competitions – who doesn’t love winning a prize now and then? Sue Taylor managed to “out guess” her builder partner and win the Guess the Amount of Bricks to Build this House competition  –  she guessed closest to the amount of 14685 bricks to scoop a bottle of Gin and a bottle of Champagne. She is pictured here with Gavin and Gareth of DPA and her daughter, Isabel.

Dailie Williams, aged 6 who attends Woodside Primary School in Oswestry was also chuffed to win an Art Set to keep him busy over the summer holidays. He had to guesstimate the amount of lego bricks in a large bowl – well done Dailie! He is pictured here with Beth Porritt of DPA and also, Beth is pictured with Anna Evans, chief fundraiser at Derwen College.