Windsor Place House is a grade II listed Tudor Mansion off castle street in the heart of Shrewsbury’s old town. It is a late 16th Century timber framed building, now having been lovingly restored and furnished to the highest standard by its new owners. It is being used as a holiday home and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence 2018 by TripAdvisor.


Our Client and owner of the property had exacting standards to meet, which were a challenge with an historic building such as Windsor Place House. DPA had to be very mindful that the restoration proposals would not impact on the historical value of the property. The brief was to restore the building from Offices to its former glory of a residential property. In order to do this, modern features added to form the offices were carefully removed leaving the building in its original state and in doing so, retaining all of the important features.


Careful decisions were made in the choice of sustainable and conservation approved materials to maintain an authentic appearance both internally and externally. Workmanship has also played a vast part in retaining the historical appearance, which was paramount to our client in order to achieve high standards and achieve the tastefully finished interiors as the photographs show.